Principles Of Nursing And Health Assignment

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Principles of Nursing and Health Assignment

This is essay is going to examine the principles of nursing and health. In order to do this it must look at the concept of health then describe the dimensions that make up health. Secondly, an adult individual will be chosen in order to discuss the determinants that affect their health. It will then go on to explain the underpinning professional, ethical and legal principles that would be taken into consideration if the individual were to require nursing care. Finally, it will identify how carrying out this assignment has informed the writers personal concept of nursing.

Before being able to describe the dimensions of health, it is important to look at the concept of health. Throughout the
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This model provides a basis to break down the different areas in George’s life that affect his health.
At the centre of Dahlgren & Whiteheads model is George, his age, sex and any hereditary factors. Then they identify four layers that they suggest influence health. These are lifestyle, social and community influences, living and working conditions and lastly general socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions.

George is a middle-aged male. This alone increases the risk from developing coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and insulin dependent type two diabetes mellitus. George was a higher risk due to his father also suffering from coronary heart disease, having five myocardial infractions (some acute) and developing type two insulin dependent diabetes.
Genetics is not the only reason as lifestyle choice has a major impact on his health. George is a smoker and drinks excess alcohol. He eats a poor nutritional diet, tending to eat foods high in fat, which has also lead to him being classed as obese on the Body Mass Index. He does not take part in any exercise other than the heavy lifting that he does at work. All of these have had a negative impact on George’s health, especially on his heart health.

Secondly, George has little positive social and community influences as he tends to isolate himself spending large amounts of his time alone in his house. This will have a detrimental effect on George’s health, as there are few