Principles Of Wisdom

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Principles of Wisdom. Wisdom is crucial and effective because it brings results and help so we wont live<livve> a split up between us and our success.
Wisdom takes you out of one place and puts you in a better one. It takes you from a place where nothing happens to a place where things do happen.
If you have a problem and you don't know how to resolve it, you need wisdom in order to do it.
Wisdom helps you make correct decisions and distinguish between good and evil<ivol>
Wisdom is knowing <noing> how to apply the information or knowledge<noledge> we have at the correct moment or situation.
You can ask yourself how did I get to this point in my life, or how did I get myself into trouble? answer: by your own actions
All things are tied together/God has tied all things together to the law of reciprocity<reciprosiri>
Ex: cause and effect reap and sow
Where you are at in life is where you deserve to be for the actions you have taken
Hinduism<jinduism>: has a philosophy of destiny [[illustrate]]
One of the things we learn when we come to Christ is that he comes and changes our future:
From death to life sadness to joy lament<lamènt> to dance poverty to abundance children of disobedience to children of god, kings, priests<prists>
Can we do all of this? Yes we can…
1) Everything you get accustomed to or tolerate, you loose the ability to change it.
[[Illustration of an old car. Luis the14th]]
[[Illustration of nail in the wall]
The people of Israel were accustomed to slavery in Egypt and it wasn't until they got tired, cried and begged to god, that then god joined the team and he sent a liberator and things changed
You and I need to be upset with the way we are living so that things can change
[[Illustration of the bed's foot]]
We either learn from a revelation or by afflictions and grief.
2. The things you make happen to other god will make then happen to you.
[[Illustration no more favors! lets sow]]
Ephesians 6:8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.
I want to imprint you with this:
3. your rewards in this life are determined by the kind of problems we help others solve
~We are all here to help someone solve their problem. dentist, mechanic, constructor, barber, stylist.
Who are you resolving problems