Principles and Articles of the United States Constitution Essay

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Principles and Articles


Principles and Articles of the United States Constitution

Grand Canyon University: POS-301
October 6, 2013

Principles and Articles




Authority in Constitution


This is a democratic form of government whereby the people exert some form of control over the government of their country or state. The framers of the constitution fearing tyrannical rule by the majority in a direct democracy formed the U.S. As a republic. This is based in Articles I, II, and
III of the United States
Constitution and several amendments to include XII, XIV, and XVII (The American, 2013).

Separation of Powers

There are three branches of the
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Executive Branch

Serve as Commander in Chief of the military


Ensure that federal laws are faithfully enforced


Principles and Articles

Grant pardons


Appoint lesser positions


Appoint judges and high government positions (Congressional approval)



Approve legislation

III. Judicial Branch

interpret and apply laws ensuring their constitutionality


have original jurisdiction in cases involving the states and ambassadors


have appellate jurisdiction in all other cases

IV. How the Three Branches Work Together
These three branches are expected to work jointly to move the country forward and operate on a daily basis. The Congress is responsible for drafting and enacting legislation that will become the governing laws of the country. The Executive Branch is primarily responsible for the day to day operation of the country. The President and the many administrative offices conduct business while enforcing the laws of the legislature. The Judicial Branch is responsible for ensuring that the laws of the country are enforced in a manner that maintains constitutional integrity. They also ensure that the