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BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Creative Media Production
Unit 7: Print production process
Deadline for submitted work: 7th December, 2012
Journal of Print Production process
This journal must describe the progress of your work between today and the deadline set (see above) for the Autumn term project. Your brief is:
“Design and produce either a film poster or a DVD cover for an imaginary or existing film. Students will develop an understanding of genre, as well as the print process in order to complete the work.”
In order to achieve the grades for this work, you must submit written work which records everything you did from starting the project to finishing it. This will include details about where your idea came from, possibly inspired by other film posters you have seen, or from elsewhere ( for example: TV or magazine adverts, scenes from films, books or comics, or even a conversation or dream you have had, a music video or song, nature, etc. Original ideas come from everywhere around you!) You should try to describe how it inspired you and how you think it is an effective idea as a film advert.
You must also write about the work involved in the production (for example: photographs you took, people you used as characters, why you chose to use particular colours, fonts or symbols, etc) and describe how you put the design together (using what software and what techniques, what you changed, what you kept, how you manipulated some images, etc). Finally, you could write about how this experience was (for example: you could write about what was satisfying, or what frustrations you had because you could not achieve something and why).
This diary is your record and shows the journey of an idea to a finished product! It should be updated every lesson.
5th October 2010

12th October 2010

I am thinking of what to do, I am not sure or know what exactly to do a film poster or DVD cover.
I came up with the idea of creating a film poster but not any film poster, something different and unique the class... I have a lot of ideas in my head and given a lot of ideas but I am not quit sure on what idea to submit... I was first…