Essay about Printing Press and Mrs Eliot

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Mrs Eliot speech’s argues that nothing can stop the coming of e-books and that she wouldn’t want to stop it. However, young people as future leaders must all do what they can to make sure that important things are not entirely swept away. She maintains an excited and wondrous tone throughout her speech and is directed at young and educated audience. She contends that reading from the e-books is efficient but reading from printed press books is a lot more magical and inspiring.
In the accompanying picture we see an image of a young happy boy who has his back towards a pile of books. Our focus is drawn to the pile of books which releases a small dislike for them as Mrs Eliot stated earlier “I wanted to be free of the expense that goes with a lifetime of book-buying, and I wanted effortless library borrowing and return of books. I imagined children setting off to school without the terrible burden of their great big textbooks.” The purpose of the picture is for the audience to associate books with troubling/long way around to children studying or reading them. So as the young boy has his back turned towards the big pile of books, he has a simple device in front of him whilst smiling, the e-book. This supports Mrs Eliot’s contention that digital technology will “break through the limitations of the printing press.”

At the beginning of her opinion piece Mrs Eliot creates a series of similes and comparisons that are designed to make the audience link the printing press to