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John Doe 12-11-11 Mr. Arlea Persuasive Essay 2A
WAR ISSUES Should war be eliminated no? But should it be slightly adjusted? Yes. We have all of these mothers, fathers, daughters and sons in the war and they are all being separated from their families and they are dying leaving families empty and full of sorrow disbelief and sadness. War leaves families empty, and they leave mothers and wife with false hope, empty hearts and deep depression. It also leaves kids of all age with false hope, empty hearts, deep depression and emotional issues that stay with them for their entire lives. Your wife, mother or child, will forever hold a grudge against the president, the military and the world. War is a big issue that needs to be solved. So far we have fought wars that help us in minors way winning those wars don’t help us get too far ahead in life. Winning those wars, keeps us ahead of everyone else but it doesn’t help us advance and move forward in life at a constant rate. We went to war with Iraq because they so called had weapons of mass destruction. When we went over there to destroy them or whatever we found no weapons. So we were fighting for no reason, that war was a waste of time and lives peoples family members died for a lost cause. They put their lives on the line for no reason. I have come up with the solution that can possibly help us. Instead of putting people’s daughter, son’s mothers or father in war to risk their life we should put the people in jail in the military, let them fight for their freedom. As they progress and get better and better an s a solder then you can start bringing home the majority of the solders and let them finish the war. Don’t treat them like regular solders though, you have to treat them like there convicts you can’t just give them a gun because they can shoot everyone and try to escape. They have to work for it and they have to work harder and longer then everyone else. They can’t sleep amongst the other solders, they must be transported back to the prison they came from. Then in the morning they will eat and leave the prison to go back to the military base. They have very little interaction with the other solders. As they progress into they, gradually get more time to spend with the other solders. All solders don’t deserve to make use of a gun, the convicts that have life in jail should be able to operate a gun, if they work for it. If they have a short sentence they could work behind the scenes like on the computers, they could clean up like a janitor or they could work in the ER. If there in jail there already separated from their families, and they should help the world become a better place while there serving there time. They are in prison because they couldn’t handle being out in society with regular citizens that’s why there in jail. They were hindering the world from being safer and advancing, moving forward and becoming a better place for everyone. Instead of sitting in jail and rotting they could help the military, by helping the military they are also helping the whole U.S which in turn is in a way reversing the bad they did before they went to prison.