Prison and Classification Process Essay

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Markisha Harris
Introduction to Corrections
Unit 7 Assignment
02 January 2014

Classification The classification process in corrections differs from state to state. According to the Department of Corrections in the State of Montana, classification is basically a way of consolidating and controlling the offenders that are housed in the prison all based upon their identity. Offenders are also categorized by their behavior and other potential risks. When it comes to prison facilities, there are specific purposes of classification and specific ways of how classification systems are used to place prisoners. In the State of Montana, the primary or main purpose of the system of classification in the correctional system is too basically use a method to figure out whether or not which proper encoding and safekeeping step is right for every single convict. A secondary purpose of the classification process in the State of Montana is to allow the prisoners a chance to change their lives around in a positive way. By allowing this opportunity, it will instill protection, safety, and security of other inmates, correctional officers, and the society. The classification system has a goal. The goal is to have order within the correctional facilities and to maintain proper security and safety to everyone that are in contact with offenders. In order for this goal to be achieved, all inmates has to be classified right after the admission process. After the admission process, the inmates are directed and given the appropriate housing quarters. This will be based upon the offender’s classification status all within a time frame of twenty-four hours. There are many ways of how the classification systems are used to categorize offenders. Classification system procedures are used to categorize prisoners in several different ways such as; special needs, age, escape history, emotional and mental issues, gender, and behavior. There are other needs besides the main ones that the correctional facility looks into to help better determine where to place inmates. During this ordeal, offenders are not classified by the color of their skin, ethnicity, and religion, yet they are separated by the status of crime legally. When dealing with offenders with special needs, they are placed in a different holding areas away from others different from them for the protection of others. For an example, these people are those that are under the age of eighteen, people that are adults with the mindset of a child, and those that suffer from mental retardation and other medical problems. When categorizing age, such as a senior citizen, they are not placed with people that are extremely young. Depending on the facility, age brackets are set for the safety of others. Once escapees are classified, they are placed…