Prison In Appalachia Panel Essay

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Prison in Appalachia Panel

This interactive lecture about the prison in the Appalachia Panel was very eye opening. It brought up many things that have been swept under the rug for no one to see and know. It was really upsetting and uncomfortable to listen to certain parts of the presentation. I didn’t realize that prisons have become so corrupt. I would have never guess that all the shows like Orange is the New Black and experiments like Phillip Zimbardo were actually occurring in real life. It is hard to see that the country is feeding off building prisons. On top of making money of the prison they are mistreating the inmates to a inhumane level. The lecture mentioned how there was a MCHM spill in the incarcerated area. The individuals who lived near the area were avoiding drinking the water and those who did drink the water were becoming severely ill. (Skin irritations, temporary blindness etc.) This show how serve the spillage was and to see the prisons not treat their inmates properly was very disturbing. The lecture mentioned that many of the inmates were becoming ill and the prisons medical staff was getting fed up with the inmates getting sick. So they created a policy that said if the inmates had more than 3 sick calls, they would go into solitary confinement. This meant that the prisoners who were seeking medical attentions were being put in medical isolation. It is hard to see that this is allowed to happen to human beings like us. Just because these individuals are criminals does not mean they should be stripped of their human rights. These individuals deserve change to be made in the criminal system and in these prisons. The speaker said there was a need to un-marginalize these individuals and I completely agree. These individuals are marginalized and invisible therefore nothing is being done because people are unaware of what is actually going on in the prisons because no one really cares for the people in prisons, unless…