Prison: The Inmates and Classification Essay

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A. Central Review Board (CRB): The CRB is a board of panel members that helps decide the security level and programming level of an inmate at RBN.
B. Receiving and Classification Center (RCC): The RCC is for the reclassification of inmates at RBN.
C. Job Board: The RBN job board will have the warden, superintendent and classification staff on it to decide the initial jobs for the inmates.
Job Board.
E. Institutional Classification Board: This board will review the security and custody level of an inmate in RBN every year. This board will have the superintendent, classification specialist and a psychologist.
F. Classification: Is the process of shorting inmates into classification groups based of security level, custody level, and programming ability. This is decided by the courts classification experts and by psychologists.
G. Reclassification: Is when a inmate level of custody, security, or programming is reviewed, and is decided to be lessened, increased, or stay the same.
H. Security Levels: The rating assigned to the various institutions and placement
I. Custody Levels: Is the level of supervision at RBN that the inmate receives. RBN houses medium and minimum level custody inmates.
A. The Commissioner of classification is the head of classification.
B. The Commissioner of Classification is responsible for:
1. The starting and executing of classification plans.
2. Making and reviewing the standards of classification. 3. Putting in the policies for classification.
4. Leading the CRB.
5. Helping the staff with classification.
6. Making the classification book.
C. The Assistant Commissioner of Classification helps the Commissioner of Classification with classifying.
D. The CRB will determine the final custody level, and programming ability of the inmate based upon what the Commissioner of Classification reports.
E. The responsibilities of the Warden or the Classification Committee is to establish guideliness of custody levels.
A. Initial Receiving for RBN:
1. The institutional Classification Supervisor is responsible for the initial intake, classification, housing units and the programs available to the inmate at RBN.
2. The classification committee, headed by the classification specialist and is responsible for orientation and familuriaization with RBN inmate conduct.
3. The Psychologist are responsible for:
a. Performing psychological evaluations for inmates.