Essay on Prison Varieties

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Prison Varieties

There are many varieties of inmates in prisons these days. There are female inmates, male inmates, young inmates, and old inmates. The three I am going to discuss are mentally ill inmates, HIV/AIDS inmates, and gangs in prisons and jails. These interest me most because I feel that they are the most dangerous. This is not always the case but they are interesting topics to me. Mentally ill inmates could range from inmates with bipolar disorders to inmates dealing with depression. Mentally ill inmates need special care and they have to be watched over on a daily basis. If an inmate feels that he/she is at risk of suicide they are sent to special clinics or hospitals inside prisons and are watched over. They may be placed inside padded rooms or rooms with little or nothing inside. These rooms could consist of a bed and possibly a toilet. Corrections officers put themselves at risk because they could be attacked at any time and not have a slight idea why. They have to take serious precautions at all times. Inmates with HIV/AIDS can be held in population depending on how their immune system is. If a person with HIV/AIDS has a weak immune system then they will be sent to a prison that will assist with their living. The rates of people in prison with HIV/AIDS is 2.5 %. In 2008, 20, 606 state prisoners were diagnosed with having aids. The numbers are steady rising due to homosexuals in the prisons. The numbers of men with HIV/AIDS are rising faster than the number of women. Some men who come into prisons don’t have HIV/AIDS when they first go to prison but when they are scheduled for release and tested again, they test positive. It is a growing epidemic. Gangs in prisons will never cease. It gives men in jail a sense of belonging. They feel that as long as they are a part of a gang then they have someone