Practical And Emotional Intelligence

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Practical and emotional intelligence
Lynda Galloway
April 28, 2013
Erica Truex Chung

Practical and Emotional Intelligence
There are two types of intelligence that we learned during this week. Practical and Emotional intelligence are very different. I will explain them and give a good example of each.
Practical Intelligence is intelligence that relates to overall living. This is good in the work place for people who are looking at the big pitcher and what the outcomes will be. This person can prevent accidents from happening because they are looking at things in a different point of view. For example, David in furniture is looking at safety for his co-workers in order to keep someone from getting hurt. He is training people to lift properly so that they do not hurt their back. Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory is a good example of practical intelligence. He is analyzing everything and looking at it from a science point of view. He even calculates everything down to the numbers and possible effects of the actions taken.
Emotional Intelligence is the set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment, evaluation, expression, and regulation of emotions or the ability to get along well with others. This can be handy in the workplace to make sure that the work is getting done without problems. Being aware of what someone is feeling can prevent an argument from happing or be able to tell that there is a problem that is already in effect. Some