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Government Requirement
Taxi Company Requirement Theft recovery: If a cab is stolen, its whereabouts will be known if it is equipped with a vehicle tracking system.
Improved Customer Service the GPS tracking system needs to be able to locate the cab closest to a given destination to dispatch a cab for quick pick-up. It can also be used to provide the customer with a real-time estimate of when the taxi will arrive at their location. This results in much happier customers. - See more at:

accident emergency location
Avoiding traffic jams: Every cab passenger’s biggest nightmare is getting stuck in traffic with the meter running. Real-time GPS fleet tracking systems can figure out how traffic is flowing.
Historical trip index: Vehicle tracking systems commonly archive hundreds of hours of travel history. This data can be used to target driving patterns and reduce wasteful habits like speeding, redundant trips and taking an out-of-the-way route to get from Point A to Point B. The GPS tracking record can also be used to investigate police incidents (tickets or traffic accidents) and monitor when specific vehicles are scheduled for mechanical service or routine maintenance.

Track lost parcels: If a customer leaves luggage, a laptop or umbrella in a taxi, a location and time are all that is needed to narrow the search to a few vehicles. GPS tracking systems record a detailed travel history. the Commission assured taxi drivers and the public that the system would not be used to track drivers but would be used for “customer service improvements,” for regulatory analysis, assisting in locating passengers’ lost property, and to eliminate the need for drivers to complete handwritten trip sheets for each fare.

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