Essay on Private Law Firm – Pearson Specter

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Pearson Specter is a fictitious law firm in New York City (Picked from Suites-TV series).
After watching the TV series ‘Suits’, we felt that we could relate to the organizational designs. Also, practically, we are currently studying the main topics such as culture, ethics, motivation, impact of organization hierarchy, leadership.
We can clearly see the human emotions and the internal hierarchy in the series. These emotions and practical demonstrations of work culture and ethics will help us learn better about the building blocks of a successfully running organization. We can analyze the facts and we already have some suggestions for the operation of the firm. Hence, we think this would be a
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But it led to some steps that were against the ethics of the company. The mentor Louis Litt, tricked the drug test of Mike so that he can be retained in the company. Also the background check was not performed for Mike and the secret that Mike is not a graduate was kept as a secret.
Need to analyze the outcomes of the dilemma and the impact of these on the organization and its member in the


Pearson Specter is a private law firm, which has two managing partners (Executives) – Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson.
As a part of leadership abilities, I try to analyze them and put out their characters that will help me judge whether they are level-5 leaders or not. If not, what can they do to reach that scale?

Harvey likes to win his cases outside of court because going to court is expensive. Just like with anything else, if you can find an option that allows you to win your battles without actually having to go to war, take it. He takes his chances and always try to win big. His mantra goes like “I win… That’s what I do”.
The most important thing is that he takes control of and owns the responsibility when the associates fail under him. Harvey brought Mike on board so he knows that if Mike screws up, it’s on him. You choose your behavior, so you choose your consequences.
His resolve is very high on achieving something. But his belief is that, if you’re not willing to break the rules once in a while, you’re