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Private prisons
Cristopher Cruz

Private prisons they have been around for a while now but when did they first open up for business? Private prisons opened up in 1984 in America. Private prisons are really never spoken about but the few people that now about then know that the people that run them just do it for the money not to keep our country safe. Private prisons violate the bills of right number eight to be more specific. I don’t like what these private funded prisons have done to our country and I would love to see them put out of business.

All the owners and stockholder of private prisons feel the same way they all just see the inmate as money not a human that has his right. In an article it talks about how they are even saying it “Private prison companies, however, essentially admit that their business model depends on locking up more and more people.” Why should we trust people that feel this way about other people it is just inhumane to do so. So if their model is more people in prison is better. Why should we feel save knowing that they have might half even put a person in their for no reason. These owners talk about how it works out because they build jobs for other people and in doing it they keep us safe. How are they keeping us safe by extending criminals sentences longer? And sure you thing that’s keeping safe but is not what if they in just for robbing a store and you give him 10 years that man or woman could have had kids and now you leave them with no supports of family and in doing it you might have even created another criminal. These people have no moral right and they should be the ones behind bars.

In 2008 and through 2011 there was a case named Kids for Cash. In this case there was to man involve a judge named Mark Caiavarella and senior judge Michael Conahan. What this case was about how these man sold inmates but not just any kind of inmates they were teens getting 5 or 10 year in prison. There was even a teen that got time for mocking people in myspaces. The CCA a private prison gave these man 18 million to make all the teens that stop in his court room guilty and not only that but made their time longer. This case was open for 3 years and to all the poor kids that were in jail because of this man most of them were not even guilty. At the end of it they both played guilty and all of the case they had were drop and about 5 thousands teens were released from prison. The governments try and found out if this was the only place that this happened but since this court went on live TV a lot of other private prisons reported lost money and lots of documents.

Not only are these private prisons buying judges but they are also buying our government. When Sarah Palin was running for vice president she had a lot of campaign money and the people that where giving her all this money was the CCA. Not only are these private prisons giving money but they are also pressuring our government to pass bills. There was a bill past named Freedom of Information act. This meant that once the inmate was in a private prison they could not go back and open up the case or do nothing to short his time in jail. And it also meant that not even the family of the inmate could look at his profiled.

There is nothing good coming out of these private prisons. “Over the past four decades, imprisonment in the United Stets has increased explosively, spurred by criminal laws that put more people in prison for longer sentences. At the same time, the nation has seen the rise of for-profit prison companies, which benefit from keeping more people locked up.” This quote tells you everything. In 2010 it was reported that there was 100 private prisons and there are over 2 million inmates.

Private prisons are getting run now but not just by federal government but by cartels. What they do is they will send someone in and make them recruit future cartel members, drug runners, hit men, and informers for