Private Property and Government Essay

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“Yes we can”, the problem is not come from that sentence. Of course we can see that the government did a lot of useless things in the last decade but the benefit that government has brought is even greater than that. In the video he said that there is a bridge felt down in Mississippi river and the government “took” the money from private sector to give to that project. So if the government didn’t take that money to fix the bridge, are they going to leave it like that? The answer is “No”, absolutely “No”. There is nothing wrong with it. Mark Cuban is a great man, he created thousands of jobs, which are wonderful because he work on big business but not every private owner can do that. Government also create jobs as well, building, skyscraper was built up create huge amount of jobs. The price for college increase 750% make me surprise too. But they do that for purpose and that is absolutely reasonable. The rate of teenager suicide is very high now, so they need to motivate them by them by building gyms, spa and entertain things like that in the study environment to reduce stress for students. Another reason also very logical is to compete with other college; every parent wants to send their child to the best education system so they agree to pay that high tuition. It just like when you play stock market, you don’t choose the stock that nobody knows to buy right. Then put money in and you might be able to take it out plus profit. I agree with him about all the laws and regulation that government make private business owner to follow. That is too much and there are a lot of rules that not necessary. Airports are very important, protect people is government duties. But the problem is not TSA, is not about walking fast through the security line, it’s about the result of that system, does it work? Let’s pretend that terrorism happen at the private system, which one do the customer going to choose? Private or government? If he said that competition is the answer explain why does private system better than…