Priya Angel Essay

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The episode starts with Shipra crying while Sudhir looks on. Vikram consoles them and says organ is gone for testing and if everything gets well then she will be operated soon. Vikram tells Dadi that Ram is fine. Dadi cries for Priya. Vikram asks her to have strength.

Priya’s soul comes out of her body and sees Niharika soul ( Ram’s stepmom) as the white smoke comes. Priya asks you? Niharika’s soul in a white saree tells Priya that she came to take her. Dadi says about the mrityunjay path and says we will do the jaap together. Soumya asks, is this real. Maa says Priya has to come back. They start the jaap while the some mantras is being played in the BG. Priya tells her that she can’t go with her as everyone here are trying to save her. Niharika says but you are not with them, you are here. Priya asks is she dead? Niharika says you are neither dead nor alive since 7 years but now you have to come. Priya says who has decided? Niharika says you have left your body and it is time for you to come. Priya says it means my family is still hopeful to get me back. It means I am still alive. Niharika says you have left your body for a second that means your body is weak. Your family have to leave you. Priya looks at her lifeless body and sees Pihu crying. Sammy tells Pihu that you know this would have happen. Pihu says I can’t let her go. She asks Priya not to go and says I need you. Priya is in tears.

Niharika asks her to come. Priya asks who has decided her death. Niharika says it is only you who can decide? Priya says if it is in my hands then I want to go to my family. Niharika asks her to remember herself before the accident. Priya says she wanted to live. Niharika says you wanted to die. She tells Priya that when she had an accident, that time she was upset with Sid and had decided then that she wanted to die. She says you were upset with Pihu and was in between life and death. She says you are unable to decide where you want to go. She says she can’t see her in pain. Priya says she don’t know anything and says she knows that God makes the decision. She says accident happens by God. Niharika says accident happens because of their karmic cycle. She says we have to face the punishments. She says Pihu did a mistake unintentionally and why you are punishing yourself for that. Priya asks, where she is taking her. Niharika shows her white light coming in.

Pari comes to Khush, who is crying. Pari asks, whether mamma will be fine. Khush says mamma will be fine and consoles them. He says nothing can happen to angel and she will be fine. Priya says she don’t want to go with her. Niharika asks, you have to face your family, have to take the decisions. Whether you can take it……Priya cries.

Doctor informs the family that they didn’t do the transplant as the organ is spoiled in an accident. He says sorry and says there is no hope now. Suhani adds that there is no hope. She says Ram sir will get consciousness soon and we have to convince him to meet Priya for the last time. Everyone are shocked.

Cady cries, Rahul consoles her and asks her not to cry. He says she will be fine as we all are