Pro Abortion Research Paper

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Abortion -
This candidate believes that abortion is a woman choice, no man in politics or anyone should tell a women what to do with her body. No one should have tell someone what to do with their body. No matter what the situation is “rape pregnancy”, etc it’s the woman's right to decide. The issue doesn’t concern anyone but the women herself. The fact that some people are trying to “justify” what is counted as morally right and wrong is a disgusting act. If a women makes that very hard choice in her life , she doesn’t need to be ridiculed for making that choice. Considering the “Pro life” aspect if you were truly pro life then you wouldn’t use other contraceptives to even prevent birth in the first place. If every pregnancy happens for a reason than after banning abortion we should ban condoms and birth control, right? Now we all know banning those sounds absolutely insane, but so does abortion. The argument to ban abortion is overall weaker, and the day where we
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“Marijuana tax collections in Colorado and Washington have exceeded initial estimates, and a nationwide legalization-and-tax regime could see states raise billions of dollars per year in marijuana tax revenue.” Every state could always use more money, more money is never a bad thing. Legalizing marijuana actual decreases crime rates, at least according to Colorado, Crime Rates Down 14.6%. ( Property crime is down 14.6%. Violent crime is down 2.4%.) Even though people believe that being able to get the drug whenever you want will just make teenagers stoned all the times, and eventually cause more thugs or gangs. It does the quite opposite and even calms the activity entirely . It actually saves taxpayers dollars on police solving mediocre crimes, and lets them focus on more violent crimes. Gay