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Pro Bio Babies (Designer babies) “Designer babies” refer to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering. Today, with our advances in genetics scientist are able to take away or modify specific genes. Therefore, enables doctors to prevent diseases passed down to an unborn child. “This is beneficial because society can now cure and prevent harmful diseases such as cancer, autism, and Down syndrome.” On the other hand, not only can designer babies prevent disease, but can also treat various diseases. For example, a newborn bio baby will provide stem cells that can be extracted and used to treat another child with a serious disease. “The basic goal of having designer babies is to improve health in the family.” There are certain diseases that are acquired because of familial and genetic reasons and only genetic engineering can provide a choice for people who want to protect their succeeding generations from acquiring certain illnesses that run in the same family. Overall protecting a family from diseases only makes society stronger and the next generations healthier and illness free. If we look at it in the long run, a healthier population is better for the economy because less sick time means more work and saves the government healthcare spending. In addition, designer babies also provide us with research and a better understanding of human health. “Another point is that with smarter, more capable children in our world,…