Pro Choice Abortion Argumentative Essay

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Dernier Harris
English 110
Argumentative Paper
Professor Newhouse
Abortion “Pro-Life or Pro-Choice”
To some a fetus isn’t an actual baby because it isn’t a functioning baby. Yet it is alive and even has a heart beat in certain cases. “While “late-term” abortions can be performed, they are usually carefully weighed with the risks, the preferred time is prior to 13 weeks.” (New Health). But the fetus often has a heartbeat in as little as 18 days after unprotected sex. In 2012, Mitt Romney attempted to change the conversation from the topic of rape after he made it clear that even though he was against abortion an exception would be made for women who had been raped or whose pregnancy was a result of incest.
This has become a widely-discussed topic amongst people of different walks of life. There are those who fully support abortion no matter the
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