Pro Gun Control Arguments

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Guns have been a part of society since the 13th century and continue to have a big part in the present. Guns have proved their worth by helping people to ward off threats from wild animals, and robbers. Now in this day and age people are arguing that guns should be controlled and taken away from citizens. This belief is going to rob us of our freedom and the right to protect ourselves. Citizens should be able to own guns.

The argument that pro-gun control activists are always saying is that the second amendment of the United States doesn’t pertain to present day circumstances. When, in actual fact, the second amendment states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. Another argument that pro-gun control supporters
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This is a very debated subject and there are many different views on which one is right, and which one is wrong. The pro-gun control side is saying that people who have guns can’t take down the bad guys. While it's proven that the law-abiding citizens use guns for self-defense as there are 100,000 to 2 million cases of self-defense every year!

Gun control is a very vast debate as we are all starting to see and with all large debates come politics. It's not just about gun laws it's also about politicians and what they try to do with the gun law situation. They are really out for their own agendas, which mostly consists of getting rid of guns, not lowering the homicide and violent crime rate.

People who are pro-gun control always say that guns are deadlier than knives or other weapons, so why leave the citizens of America with only knives and other “less deadly” weapons? We all know that the bad guys will have guns, it’s just common sense. Moreover, we know that a killer will stop at nothing to murder whoever they want. Making guns illegal for citizens to have will not stop them! There will always be loopholes for the bad guys to obtain guns, that’s the bottom line, no gun control law will be perfect. While not having gun control isn’t perfect either it does leave the citizens with more than a knife between themselves and an armed