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Abortion or murder! No one believes that it is correct to take a life of another person, so why is it okay to take the life of a fetus or zygote. You are violating the rights of the soon to be person, and he/she is completely defenseless against the situation. Why would you take the life of someone when there are alternatives that do not harm or kill anyone. There are also preventatives and contraceptives so that women who feel they do not want a kid can prevent having one. There are plenty of reasons and enough information to come to a consensus of making abortion illegal. The people for the pro-life side just have to wait for the next court case to present all this overwhelming information. One of the main reasons to side on the choice of pro-life is that genetically life begins at conception, therefore abortion is akin to murder as it is taking the life of another human. As of a human zygote demonstrates the main component of life, which consist of: reproduction, reaction to stimuli, growth, and development. Since you can clearly notice that life begins at conception why would any humane society still be on the side of pro-choice. No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human. In 2011 nearly 1.06 million abortions were performed according to There is the common analysis that somewhere in the rainforest there is a cure for cancer so why would people still deforest. What about all of the people dying with no chance to live each year. So many of those people have potential to go above and beyond. Who knows, maybe one of those kids would have discovered cancer, or been the next Micheal Jordan, or even the next president. Another strong arguing point for pro-life is that a safe and harmless alternative is adoption. According to each day there are a little over a million families looking for a baby to adopt. This fact shows that there are not many kids that would be unwanted. Also you can put your baby through adoption agencies where you can choose which family, using old records and meetings with the family, you want your baby to go live with. Knowing which family you gave the kid to can help ensure the safety and the future of the kid. It is also known that keeping in touch with your kid can help out both the parents and the kids health. Women who go through an abortion are more likely to develop depression and thoughts of suicide. Plus more that just the mental downsides there are physical harms like ectopic pregnancies in the future, miscarriages, and pelvic inflammatory disease. For women who demand complete control of their body, control should include preventing the risk of unwanted pregnancy through the responsible use of contraception, or if that is not possible abstinence. However for women who have endured rape or incest, proper medical care if visited soon enough, can ensure that a women will not get pregnant. There is a