Pro Union Bias Essay

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Pro Union Bias / Summary 1
Austin Blake Montgomery
Tarleton State University

Labor relations historically have always been leaning toward the left when it comes to the American political system. So when there is a political campaign Labor unions are usually a large part of the Democrats platform usually promising change and promoting a stronger workforce for the future of labor relations and workers. The article I’ve found is one by Sam Hannel with the “Associated Press”, the story was published on NBCs news website. The Headline Reads, “Labor unions adjust to new reality under Obama”. Then underneath in another dramatic tone it reads “ Unions are in a drawn out fight for their survival in some states”. Some of the evidence of bias in this news reporting suggest the reporter or the organization as a whole as a positive view for labor unions, the language used in the article was my first hint of how the story would go. I made sure that this article wasn’t an opnion piece or and editorial but after reading it its almost hard to not feel that the reporter wears his views on his sleeves, or in this case in his reporting.
The article starts out with a tone of disappointment in the progress on labor unions after the new Obama presidency is in office, “In the early days of the Obama administration, organized labor had grand visions of pushing through a sweeping agenda that would help boost sagging membership and help revive union strength…union leaders are grousing that the president they worked so hard to elect has not focused enough on job creation and other bold plans to get their members back to work...”
The reporter points to a particular issue in Wisconsin and Ohio where labor unions are struggling to keep what little control they have left and how the president hasn’t done enough to help. What they failed to mention is that the newly appointed republicans in these states were just elected and strongest running points were there promise to “fight the labor unions that so badly hinder growth for the state of Wisconsin.” So it’s not so much that the labor unions of