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II. Problem Analysis
By means of analyzing the current business process of Cullen Creative Cooking Pty Ltd, it is obviously that there are a series of problems within Jack’s company and it is easy to sense tensions between members of each group. However, according to the profit table of Cullen Creative Cooking Pty Ltd, the business has a strong growth in first few years, but since 2012 the data started to change, sales and profit still kept a downward tendency. Due to globalization, the competition between each firm shows a sharp rise. Even if many businesses were struggling and there is an effect of Cullen Creative Cooking Pty Ltd, the Jack’s company still remains other problems.

By analyzing the ‘As-Is’ process diagram (Figure 1.1), it can be found that a huge time delay occurred in Jack’s company. Due to the many processes of Jack’s firm are based on paper manual method and the communication between each department are not based streamlined computer business process so that the directors and employees from each department are not able to connect and complete their tasks well, therefore a time delay issue should be exist in the current entire business process. For instance, in this case, it will consume one week to physically check if a Thermopulse in stock or not when the production received sales order from sales department and takes six weeks to receive confirmations from respective suppliers. Hence, the delay of working process will cause logistic postponement and customer complaint cannot accept products on time.

It is particularly found that a separate marketing department lack in Jack’s firm, so that Cath from sales function become a most positive member of the company, they are not only manage sales but also have to take marketing and service duties. Even if the sales and profits were down, all other members just focus on what Cath spoke and what the sales function did, there was no marketing function to project a rational strategy to develop sales rise. The project scoping diagram (Figure 1.2) below will shows the causes of the problems.

Process Flow and Day to Day Management Problems
Following the definition of process flow and day to day management problems, it is obviously display that lack of rules or policies have already aroused defects of monitor the working process of Jack’s company. This status directly led to delay of entire business process as well as indirectly influence employees confirm whether if there have adequate inventory or not. However, in this case, the CEO of this company has never arranged managers who are responsible for the whole activities process of this company. The situation is known as lack of “Manager Accountability” which will cause inadequate information between each department and the directors or employees may lack of responsibility. As a result, no matter who cannot communicate well with others, directors are only centered on their works which should cause market inefficiency of Cullen Creative Cooking Pty Ltd.

Output and Input Problem
As a customer’s point of view of logistic postponement problem, they may feel unhappy with delay of goods. It usually takes around six weeks to receive confirmations from suppliers…