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Plagiarism is very serious issue in the Universities now a days. Plagiarism means borrowing or copying other person’s writings or ideas. This has diverge effects on an individual’s personality.
First, Plagiarism effects student thinking ability. Students who adhere to plagiarism do not think in their own ways in answering questions. Instead, they use someone’s ideas and develop them in their own way. This ultimately has a huge effect on students thinking ability and the way in answering things. Students will not think while performing tasks since they are used for copying. This leads to failure of student in real-time applications. Ultimately this is not at all desired for an individual’s growth. Next, Plagiarism destroys the student identity. Students copy the original ideas for someone’s writings and represent them as their own ideas. As a result the original writer identity will be missed. The credit goes to the one who represent it first or correctly. Finally, the actual Source will not be acknowledged. When a student copies the original ideas and represents them as their own ideas, the original writer and also the original source will not be known and hence will not be acknowledged. But, there are some solutions to overcome this issues.
The most important way to overcome plagiarism is, student must do his own work. Survey the topic and frame on his own sentence phrasing. Use the references and verify that you don't copy exactly more than two words in row from the