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Unit 2 (Research Topic)

One of the biggest causes of hospital related deaths today is the absence of patient data when needed by healthcare professionals to make quick lifesaving decisions. This presents one of the most meaningful, and commercial opportunities in mobile health. The need for rapid access to health information is essential for safe effective medical care. Doctors state in studies, that they waste over an hour a day accessing and waiting for patient data from paper records or fixed terminals, delaying decision making and compromising patient care. Each hospital deploys different combinations of software and hardware IT solutions with no one system providing access to them for mobile use. The need for and dependence on mobile electronic data access will over time become even greater as healthcare moves towards a completely paperless system; hospitals deploy more health information and software; and more information is collected as part of the process of care.
Medopad is a British healthcare technology company headquartered in London, UK, with international offices in Salt Lake City, USA, Munich, Germany, and Dubai, UAE. Medopad and its’ co-founder Dr. Rich Khatib Shahidi has developed a suite of apps on the Ipad, that helps doctors communicate and monitor patients from anywhere in the hospital. The idea behind Medopad is to link up every data making system and machine in a hospital to a central unit which can deliver a patient's records from historical medical files to daily performed test while a patient is in the hospital. Medopad gathers existing patient data from hospital servers and sends them to the doctors’ fingertips. BMI Healthcare, Based in the UK (first company to try Medopad) could be about to transform how their doctors work. BMI has been piloting software and testing it with existing databases in hospitals in the UK.
Medopad apps will help doctors manipulate and utilize data in order to provide the best care. One app will broadcasts the readings from a patient's heart monitor to their doctor's iPad screen, so a check-up can be carried out from anywhere in the hospital building. Another app will use voice recognition to let doctors create notes on patients just by speaking and get second opinions from other Doctors in the hospitals network. They have a Pathology app that can help detect disease by blood test results, which will helps doctors care for symptoms and come up with faster cures for patients.
Medopad has other features that are integrated with Google. Example, Google Glass headset allows up to five staff members to collaborate in real time, take pictures, and access a patient's records all at the same time. Medopad is the future in healthcare, collaboration is extremely important for Medopad. It allows doctors to be able to conduct surgery with another watching remotely through Google Glass and have an input, which is also great for training, if a Doctor needs advice they get it right then without having to wait on another doctors physical presence. They have allowed 5 doctors to work simultaneously, through 5 google glass feeds! Whilst wearing Google Glass doctors can also look at the patient’s records, monitor heartbeat etc. so the doctor doesn’t need to turn his head constantly to the different monitors.
The other app is called Medopad Google Glass Alert. With this the doctor identifies items they would like to be alerted about. For example, while doing ward rounds they might want to receive an alert when blood results for a patient come in. So they can look at the lab result there and then and make a decision.
Medopad has a security feature that I like the most due to HIPPA. When a doctor takes his Ipad outside the hospital doors, He or She will not be able to access any medical information. The core of Medopad is built upon many layers of security. This allows Medopad to securely