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I did research of a job and the job I have come up with is an accountant. The screen shot I have taken shows what one needs and must have to become an accountant. The job that I have researched was an assistant accountant, there are special needs if someone wants to become and assistant accountant which will be shown in the person specification and job specification. Job adverts are important because it tells you what you require to apply for the job. It also tells you what you need to meet the criteria. A company needs to decide whether they need a recruit or not. After they have decide the need one the will list requirements for the job such as any specific skills or 00any qualifications you will need. In the advert that I have done the company have already listed some important details and requirements which will be important to possible personnel reading. The information in the screen shot shows, wages, hours and if the job is full time or part time. All the information the company had put on the website is very important for the people who are looking for a job (full time). Everything that one will require for the and the wage and any other details is listed on the webpage. They will need the wage amount so they know if the job is worth having or not. It also tells you (on the website) the hours of the job and other information needed. If the information is not liked by the person applying for the job he will obviously not choose this job.
Job description
A job description shows what sort of responsibilities, duties and activities a person would be doing for such a job but for this case an assistant accountant. A job description is a must for business workers and other job workers out there. A person who is reading a job description will need to know what other things he needs to take care off and what sort of responsibilities he will have towards the company he is working for. The job description is crucial because if your job is better than someone else’s you are more likely to get the job. There will be no point of someone applying for a job if they don’t know what they are going to do in the job and what sort of roles they will be doing for a company or a business. This is crucial because they will need to know whether the can complete the tasks on the job description or whether they can’t. If they can’t they will need a job that they can do. Once the company or business has a short list of possible employees, then the company will pick the top 5 best J.B and after they will pick the best.

Person specification for an accountant.

A person spec is a document, similar as the one listed above, which shows the desirable and essentials for a person applying for a job. The person spec above is like or similar as any other person spec. the essentials are the must that someone needs for a job and the desirables are not required but if they have them it can boost their chances for getting such a job. This would required as important because when reading this, the candidate will then know what skills and qualifications they need to get the job. If they don’t have the desirable skills but have the essential skills they will still probably be shortlisted for the job. All businesses have requirements from their employees for the jobs and activities they do and a person specification highlights and lists those requirements and that is why it is so important.


All jobs will most certainly require a CV from the candidate. The CV tells the employer more about the person applying for the job. If the CV matches the business needs and wants then there may be an interview arranged so that they can talk to the candidate on a 1 to 1 basis. This would allow them to know about the person more. In a CV, skills and qualifications are again listed; this is also linked to a person specification because it lists skills too. A CV also tells the