Problem Solving and Action Paper

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Craig Saxton
Tamara Mouras

Three brothers for whatever reason decided that they would get their local police department into a shootout. Upon starting a shootout with the first officer to cross his path many more officers joined in the shootout when an undercover cop found himself in the middle and heroically sacrificed himself to stop the shootout. The main problem here is that for some reason these three brothers chose to start a shootout with law enforcement and the crossfire caused the death of an officer which is of course no surprise due to their actions. Of course the issue here is that the undercover officer lost his life in the crossfire to help stop the shooter and that
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One could argue that due to the unknown nature of Officer Colson who not only arrived in an unmarked car but also wearing civilian clothes and wielding a gun looked like another possible criminal it it was critical thinking that led to the officer opening fire on Colson thereby killing him. Many can make the argument that he should not have shot without knowing the individual's identity but in such a crazy situation it would probably seem like the logical idea. Personally my critical thinking would have led me to also fire upon yet another person arriving at the scene with his own weapon.

In conclusion I believe that with all that happened the officers did show critical thinking in a stressful situation. It is arguable that the officers could have possibly handled the situation better than they did due to the nature of the crime considering the stress that they would have been using their critical thinking skills under. It is unfortunate that the life of one of their brothers in uniform was killed by their own hand though as the reports have said thus far it is uncertain if the intent was to kill Colson or if it was even meant to hit him at all. Thankfully this situation ended without further incident or harm and no one else was killed. Critical thinking in such stressful situations can work to hone your skills further because of how little time you have to