Problems At A Military Location

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Paper No. 1: Problems At A Military Location
Dr. McTague – MG 630

Anil Durgen

1. Identify the Organization Behavior issues that are involved. There appear to be many of


Higher percentage of female service members
Their complaints such as harassment.
Drug selling in local towns
Low technology equipment
More troops are usually in the hospital
Doctors have run over budget

First of all , female service percentage is higher than average, hence, they have a lot of complaints. This case causes many problem as we can see in this issue as harassment.
The female service members percentage should be half of an army. It means we can enable to female service members to work in offices more. Harassment is a big issue for an army and it’s completely about discipline. In addition to the daunting numbers of abuse, high-profile assaults and arrests have spurred Congress to address the military justice system that the Pentagon relies on for enlisted members to report incidents. A series of emotional public hearings on the subject were held, in which military brass was castigated for the abusive culture. Service chiefs conceded that they had failed, with one stating that sexual violence was "like a cancer" in the military. Otherwise, troops may drink when they have off day, but , drug selling causes a lot of problems, because, troops are under a danger in this case.Furthermore, low technology might make their morale down. In my opinion many troops don’t want to follow their dicipline rules and they make excuses while they are in hospital. This is the reason why doctors have run over budget.

2. Develop a specific plan of action for improvement. Lay out a plan that will correct the problems you see. This may be one solution that will clear up all these problems or it may be a series of solutions that will improve the command. Focus your work on solving the problems.
Commanders should balance the percentage of females and males. Army means body power and male troops should have higher percentage than females.
They should establish some psychology centers in their base and psychologists should figure out the complaints of female troops.
Commanders should find the real criminals in the army and they should fire the

most troublemakers who often did somethings wrong as a soldier.

Commanders should make more tests for army candidates before they start to

be in the army.

If someone doesn’t respect a discipline rule, s/he should be punished


Commanders should reward their troops who follows rules and respect them.

Commanders should give them more training and ethics information.

They should renew their technical equipments.

3. Describe the benefits of implementing your plan. The general wants to know that things will improve. And he wants them to improve quickly!

My plan is all about to figure out the real reasons. These issues might cause more problems and this army can solve these issues with that plan. When they balance percentage of female and males, the army will be more powerful.
Psychology centers are more professional than their generals to understand their real problems and to find useful, obvious solutions. We can also hire more psychologists for our command.

Psychologists are very important for a command. A military psychologist is often involved in maintaining the mental health of current service members or veterans. The stress of combat and serving in a military organization can produce undesirable psychological effects in humans that lead to more widespread institutional problems. The primary objective of a military psychologist is to keep individuals mentally fit for service. So, how will the psychologists learn complaints of the military members. At this point, we should schedule new