Problems Related To The Gun Essay

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I. Problems related to the gun
A. It is easy to get a gun
1. Online
2. 3D Printer
B. Buying a gun without background check
C. Criminals have access to guns

A gun is a weapon incorporating a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force, typically making a characteristic loud, sharp noise. In our days, it is very easy to have access to guns then the past centuries. Every day in the world someone is shot and killed, either out of anger, accident, or suicide. Websites such as '''' are online corporations who are selling guns to anybody wherever you are by just a click. ''A new study by Third Way, a centrist Democratic group, looked at gun ads posted on in ten states over several random days this summer. The authors found that more than 15,000 guns were on sale at any given time. What's more, they counted 1,928 ads "from prospective buyers asking to buy specifically from private sellers (thereby ensuring that no background checks is required)."( 3D printer.... For buying a gun, there are two legal options. The first option is to buy a gun from a dealer. In that case the buyer must pass a background check to ensure that they aren’t a prohibited purchaser. However in most states, there is a perfectly legal second option which is buying a gun from a private seller. In this framework the background check is not needed, and statistics shows that this is the way by which the majority of criminals get their guns. So while you need things like an ID and a license to buy a car, but, incredibly,…