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Some people identify the importance of life during youth year with happiness, friends, or even memorable life – but not me. I think of being successful during the youth years as that will allow one to truly find life’s importance later on in life. Being successful can be seen when one is to accomplish an aim or purpose that he/she desires to happen, often morally or physically positive to one’s self. My recipe to become successful as a teenager is based on contributions of friends, families, and educated ones. Prepared with a person’s own unique characteristics, this guide to live your teenage years will make people such as peers to teachers feel proud and satisfied to know such a person. First, you will need to review over your current progress in life. Review and reconsider what have you accomplished in life. Is there any bad habits or actions you wish you to get rid of? Or are you talented in something that you think you should consider striving and going down the road with? Whatever one’s case may be, it is best to list what one believes to be important in order to truly find their secret ingredient to fully prepare themselves to be successful. Now that you have reevaluated your life and narrowed your road down a little, let’s get started! When you have your mind set, the way to go is so start by planning ahead. Planning ahead may sound easy and unnecessary, but the truth is that it is all about ensuring that your wishes are known, so they can be acted upon when the right time comes. It can be a good investment, to sit down and write a plan, so others can help assist and guide you as your path would have shined brighter. FIGURE OUT YOUR GOALS IN LIFE AND WORK TOWARD THEM, it is what makes you unique and special that stands out from others! After an overview of how you want your life to look like in the future, you are now a whole lot more prepared than you were before reading this piece! Now here are tips and strategies to outshine your colleagues and peers.
To begin, you must learn to do well in school, as education will help you be a productive member in society, leading to happiness to come. Do good in your community, easier said than done, this sort of actions not only improves your community’s status but it has been scientifically stated that people who volunteer are less likely to develop depression and other emotional issues than people who don’t. After, you should not get into any trouble, whether at school or in the community, trouble can ruin future plans and backstab you when you least likely to be expecting it.
Another key component is to be nice and have good friends to help you out. Friends are there to support you and lift your spirits, along with being nice will lead you to be respected and trusted. You must not forget to be active, as people who get active in the earlier years will be much healthier when they are older.
Do what you love, believe in something, and live life to the fullest will ensure you to live a life with no regrets. Enjoy life while you can, learn to be successful, and don’t look back. Always look ahead for the countless possibilities that await you in the beautiful world we all live in.
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Process Analysis

Some people identify that life’s most important moments occur during their youth years where happiness and friends can be easily achieved – but not me. I agree that life’s important moments occur during childhood and adolescence; however, my reasoning behind its importance is different. I believe that being successful during these early stages of life is the most important because it will help to find life’s importance later on in life. Success to most people is when one accomplishes a goal or purpose that benefits oneself, either morally or physically. My recipe to become successful as a teenager is based on contributions to friends, families, and educated ones. Prepared with a person’s own unique characteristics, this guide to live your teenage years…