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Nathalie Jones
602.4.12-15: Describe the purpose of steps in the writing process.

“Process approach to writing”
The process approach to writing is to teach students how to write. This method involves several steps that wraps up into a complete final product. Each step serves a specific function and while it is not necessary to follow the order of the steps perfectly, all should be fulfilled. I will list and describe each step in the writing process and provide the purpose of these steps.
The writing process begins with prewriting. The name, prewriting, in itself gives a hint as to what is involved in this first step. During prewriting, the student will select a topic to focus their writing on, gather ideas for specific information to include in their paper, and mentally (or on paper) plan where these ideas will fit into their work. A writer may also choose what audience they intend to address with their writing in order to focus their information on specific points. The purpose of prewriting is to take a chosen topic and gather thoughts together involving that topic in a coherent way. This often entails brainstorming, research, and interviews to gather information for the next step, composition.
Composing a paper is the actual act of writing a piece. In the course of composition, the writer begins with their first draft. This draft will be a culmination of all of the research and information pieced together from prewriting. The writer also includes their own ideas and supporting facts within their writing. A writer may also use this time to explore other ideas or areas concerning their topic in order to improve the core of their paper. The purpose of composition, therefore, is simply to make ideas into a composition that meets the needs of a chosen audience. It is not important that this first draft be perfect. In fact, mechanics, grammar, and spelling errors should not be a concern at all. These will be corrected during the third step of the writing process, revision.
When revising a paper, the student is to assess, and if necessary, rework their paper until it is satisfactory. Basically, the writer is fine tuning their piece when completing revisions. This could mean that the author adds or removes a section of writing, shifts parts of the work around, and/or adds more facts and information to beef up the piece. The key thing to remember when making revisions is that the paper should flow. All ideas and points need to be delivered to the intended audience in a logical and comprehensible manner. The entire purpose of this step is to make the content of the paper into the finest work possible. Once this goal is accomplished, the writer is now ready to edit their piece.
During revision, the writer was fine tuning the substance of their work. When editing, the author is expected to fine tune the spelling, grammar, and mechanics of their writing. This can be accomplished in many ways. The student may have a peer, a teacher, or even a computer check their work in order to ensure accuracy. The purpose of editing is to prepare the piece for publication. This means it needs to be proofread several times, preferably by numerous methods, in