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The patient came into the office he was vomiting all over the place. His body was shaking, and her face was flushed. The doctor examined him and then arrange a complete blood count (CBC). The patient was getting nervous; he did not know what was going on, or why he was so sick. He was asking questions, why the doctor ordered the CBC. I explained that the blood test will tell the doctor if your white blood count is evaluated. I told the patient the steps for drawing blood. A medical assistant getting ready to draw blood; you will observe the patient’s taking note of any signs on, or around the bed or room. You need to make sure you observe any restriction or isolation notices. You then will look at the charts to make sure that the test doesn’t require any fasting and if you note that fasting is required you have to make sure that the patient has fasted for the right time. Then, after you observe your surrounding you will introduce yourself. Wash your hand and sterilize them. Next you will review doctors’ orders. Then you will need to check the patient arm band and the order together make sure you have the correct and with the right patient. The last part of this step is getting ready for assembly he supplies and making sure that the blood culture bottles have not expired. Finally after you have done all the steps above you find your needle size that you will apply for the exam. The second step in this process is getting the patient ready for you to draw blood. You will sit in a chair by the patient’s bed. Next you will need to find a vein that is the proper size for you to draw the blood test. You will ask the patient to make a fist. Then you will trace the vein with your index finger. After that you will clean the area with an alcohol wipe. You will allow this area to dry for about 30 seconds: that way the patient doesn’t feel the sting when the needle is inserted. The third step in this process is inspecting the needles for defects, then thread the needle into the holder, and tap any tube that…