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mothers offer the feeling of being safe, of being protected, and making a child feel loved. when a child grows up in a home with a steady presence of those feelings, it is a gift that should be cheerish.
Many of those feelings come from a mother that is home at night to tuck you in and read you a bedtime story, to kiss your boo boo's and... new paragraph growing up i had a mother that worked 80 hours a week as a registered nurse. She would come home from work and be exhasted from working a 16 hour shift. I got used to her coming home and going straight to bed, but I missed being around her. She worked the overnight shift and she would leave around dinner time and be back long after I left for school in the morning. When I got home from school I would always try and wake her up to tell her about my day, and I hardly ever suceeded. Eventually, I got used to her not waking up and would go into her room with a book and snuggle up next to her. I would fall asleep next to her with my back snuggled up against hers, and when she would leave for work she would give me a kiss on the head and say, "I love you my little heating pad." She called me that because I kept her back warm while she slept and I loved it the nickname still brings a smile to my face. This became a ritual for me to come home and snuggle against her but all this changed in 2002. new paragraph
My grandparents had lived right around the corner from us for a very long time. Since my mother worked alot my grandfather would come over every now and then and make sure that we were doing alright, but his visits were more often than not unpleasant.
I came home from school one day to find my grandfather and my oldest sisterAmanda screaming at each other! I couldn't really understand what they were saying but they were yelling extreamly loud and the next thing I know my grandfather has pulled