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Gwen Oliveras
Professor Solley
26 October 2014
How to create the perfect cat-eye look
The time to broaden and perfect the cat-eye look with your eyeliner is now. In some point of a female’s life span we start to become intrigued by makeup and want to fix every flaw. If there were no imperfections then the other option was to differentiate your look with face products. Just like anything anyone ever does nothing can be done without patience and dedication. As a cosmetologist knowing the fashion and up to date products and styles are key. Have you heard of the saying “practice makes perfect”, this saying definitely applies to this process. The goal for this look is to create a clean line with your desired eyeliner and a lasting look. Once you have chosen the eyeliner that creates a clean line, along with a bold color, and a lasting liner you can now begin the process. The first step would be to clean your face with desired cleanser and toner. You would definitely want to do this because it would help the desired clean look and wipe off the sebum on your face. Do this with a wash cloth or wipes you may have until nothing appears on the cleansing wipes. Secondly, I would recommend putting any eye products that you would normally put on but if not then a little concealer on your eyelid would be fine. The point of the concealer is to intensify your natural skin tone and as always broaden the line of the eyeliner. With the concealer less is more and for the bolder look its essential for the concealer to be thoroughly rubbed in for the perfect cat look alike. Finally, the step we have all been waiting for, eyeliner time! Like I said before getting