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Jennifer Broussard
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06 March 2015
The Process of Changing Open Carry Gun Laws
The process of changing the gun law to an open carry gun law on campus of a university is a long process involving multiple layers of government in order for the law to pass. The branches it has to go through are the legislative, executive, and then judicial. First, is the Legislative branch which duties are to write the laws. After that it is to be given to the executive branch, where it is to either be voted for or against. Then, the judiciary decides on the rules that the legislators will follow during the session. Once a bill has been written, it is introduced by a member of the house or senate in the Supreme Court.
The open carry law must first go through the legislative branch where it constructs the bill to later be discussed and voted on in Congress. The bills still have to pass the full Senate and Texas House of Representatives before reaching the governor's desk to be signed into law (Ingle). The legislative branch has the most members. Therefore, the senate must get two-third vote on the bill to be passed on to the next branch.
The Executive branch consists of the president and vice president. Their duty is to sign the laws that are approved and make them official. It also has the cabinet which gives advice to the president about improving the law that is to be passed. Then the law is to be passed off to the next branch.
Lastly the judicial branch will decide if the laws are in an agreement with the constitution. The Supreme Court, which is head of