Process Essay: How Does The Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?

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How Does the Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?

Imagine what it would be like to not have the Constitution, is it possible that without it there could be tyranny in the United States? First off, what is tyranny? Tyranny is usually a government with an absolute ruler like a king or dictator. The first U. S. Constitution was the Articles of Confederation, but it failed due to not having a court system, no chief executive, and a weak central government. When framing the new constitution the biggest challenge was to make sure it is strong enough to serve the nations, and that it would not create any kind of tyranny. The Constitution guards against tyranny by having a check and balance system, and a separation of powers. The separation of powers
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Firstly, separating the powers of the Government among the three branches of government. This not only prevents tyranny, but prevents one branch of government from having too much power. Keeping all powers separate, distinct, and different, rather than an accumulation of all powers which would no longer prevent tyranny, but put tyranny at a higher possibility of being created. Lastly, the government having a checks and balance system. With a checks and balance system, the branches are still distinct from each other, but they are not so far apart that cannot have a say in each others choices and actions made. The branches are to be divided in such a manner that they can control not just their self, but have constitutional control over each other. When the branches have constitutional control over each other where powers over each other are balanced and they can check on each other, tyranny is easily prevented. The Constitution of the United States is the reason why America does not have tyranny here in the United States even to today, and it gives a foundation on which the United States can build a strong government, this is why the United States needs the Constitution of the United States to prevent