Process Improvement Plan Essay

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Process Improvement Plan
Lesly Felix
OPS 571 - Operations Management
October 15, 2012 Gustavo Diaz

Process Improvement Plan
The time to cook food and how much time does it take to cook three meals in a day, and the process was to be assessed that how much time is taken. Various factors enable show the variation that arises during burglar alarm report writing process. A close study was attempted be drawn on this issue, and an endeavor was made in this direction to see how the time taken in cooking can be considerably reduced. The statistical process was also studied and also the seasonal effect of the same was also identified and taken into account. The limits of confidence and control limits were also taken into consideration and a special mention is to be given for the same.
There is a need for maintaining a balance between the short-term goals and future scope of the planning. The total time taken, an increase of the productivity and efficiency are among the factors that need to be studied and realized, and the assignment here also focuses on the same undertaking the Process Improvement Plan for the process of cooking. The process shall be studied in detail knowing the process limits and the confidence limits are to be studied in detail.
Statistical Process Control
Statistical Process Control involves primarily gathering and also the analysis of the data. Not only the existing processes be analyzed but also the constant discovery of the new methods is to be done. An important tool in this regard is the improved process and also the effective way in which decisions can be made to know how well the process is working or not effectively. To make up the correct depiction of the terms the control charts are used and also the. These charts are working for the process of the concepts of in and out continuous quality control process. The variance between the measurements is measured using this process.
The statistics in the process of cooking can be assessed using this process of four steps: 1. There needs to be identification of the proper process to reduce time required to complete burglar alarm reports.
2. Appropriate changes are to be made to make the situation better.
3. The effects of the changes must be studied. 4. The results brought up must be incorporated in the daily response to burglar alarm calls.

In week one the main idea identified was flowcharting as a main activity. The processes are to be identified and the formal put up in the form of a chart is required. The main reason is that the improper working of the chart needs to be identified. Also there is a need of the analysis of the reasons for the not very proper working of the test. There is also a need of the elimination of certain factors that may be tending to cause the variation.
Effect of the Seasonal Factors “the movements studied here are large enough to realize the fact that the characteristics discussed shall tend to increase the economic interests of the people and also a better benefit needs to be achieved in this run of current economic trends” (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). To have a better adjustment the seasonal factors are to be better understood and also the process of coking needs a better realization: 1. In regard to season, the volume of burglar alarm calls augments during school season. This augmentation does not necessarily make the calls just a simple burglar alarm call. The burglar alarm tends to become a burglary call, instead, making it detrimental to reducing time for report completion. 2. Rainy seasons certainly have a bearing on the volume of burglar alarm calls because thunders are frequent, and they affect the alarm sensors making them go off. The rain also affects the driving conditions and is detrimental to response time.
Usefulness of the Control limits and the Confidence Intervals The statically data may be instrumental in calculating the control limits. This is also