The Importance Of Music

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Process Journal The name of the song that I picked is “I’m Just a Lucky So-and-So”, composed by Duke Ellington, lyrics written by Mack David, performed by Ella Fitzgerald.
I barely listen to particular type of music in general cases. I have different type of music played depending on distinct environments. I love loud music when studying, party music for instance, in that way I will not be able to hear anything else but the noisy background which does not concern me at all. While driving, classical is my music for sure. This is how I found this particular song. Before I was asked to bring a piece of music in to the classroom, I have never really paid attention to the music that I listened to. Music to me is just a background sound so that I do not get distracted by other sound that might lead my mind to a whole different scene. After I knew that I was about to bring in a piece of music I starting paying attention to what I listen to. Not picking study music because I was not attached to them at all, so I mainly focused on the driving music. That is when I noticed this song.
This first time when I listened to it, I was caught by the very first few lines’ of lyrics. “When I walked down the street, seems everyone I meet, gives me a friendly hello.” Suddenly I have an image of a young lady wearing white dress walking down the shopping street and smiling to everyone she met. Then I finish listening to this song again and again, the image keep expending. A small city girl moving in to the big city trying to be a Hollywood star, but end up as a waitress in a coffee shop. Does not have a lot of money however she is not bothered by all of these. She is still chasing her dream and living her life. She appreciates everything she is having right now, living her life at present. She is just the girl with a beautiful mind and strong heart. She knows how cruel this world is, but she is not concerned. She believes as long as you are trying, success or not, it does not matter. All that matters is that, by the time she becomes old, she will not regret for what she has or has not done when she is young. That is the character that this song leads me to.
Now pass on to the object. The moment I knew that my character was about to linked to a real object, I was thinking of a hat, a stew hat, a Hawaii kind. The reason that the hat came into my mind was also because the image that the song gave me. An image of my character wearing this hat and it really fits her. And then I thought what the hat and my character have in common besides the fact that they both share the same head. The result was that I could not think of any common between the hat and the character. Then I start re-thinking about this object that linked to the character, in a developing way. The first thing that I did was to dig a little deeper into the character that I already had. What is her personality, what does she want. All she wants is to living a happy life. Nothing troubles her, nothing bothers her. That is the kind of person she is and that is the life attitude of her. Then came the thinking of what kind of object share the same attribute of her characteristic. It reminds me of a toy that I used to have when I was still a child, a tumbler. A