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Darnell Robinson
Mrs. Oldenburg
ENG 101
Sept. 29 2014

Exemplification Essay

The formula for achieving success in college, depending on the individual this could vary dramatically. However, I intend on giving you an insight of my formula for achieving success at the college level. Achieving success in college ranges from scheduling times, your energy level, and learning how to relax. All these significant viewpoints are apart of what makes up the formula to obtain success at a higher level. Throughout, the essay I will touch not only on these three main discussion points, however, I intend on informing you how to go about accomplishing them as well. You need all three-view point, achieving success is very unlikely if you are lacking one of thee significant assets. Before you can worry about anything else you need to create the right schedule that best fits you. This may seem like something so simple, however scheduling times has a huge impact on the student’s success in the classroom. In addition, this can also affect his/her energy level, or relaxation time. Scheduling time is what makes it all happen, however in order to do so you must be truthful to yourself. For example, are you a morning person, or would you be more comfortable taking your classes in the afternoon and evening? Are you someone who likes long classes, once or twice a week, or short stagnant classes more often throughout the week? These are all examples of questions you should be asking yourself while creating your scheduling times. In my case, I am the individual, who would rather get his classes done early, and have the rest of the day to study, complete work, and time to myself. Make it as easy as possible for yourself, to be able to balance out school and your priorities along with time for yourself. Even though you’re in college don’t feel like all you have to do is your work. I mean that’s good and all, but go out with friends, have fun and make memories. Just handle your priorities first and balance them out. The next ingredient, in the recipe for success at the college level, is to be able to constantly get the proper rest, and maintain a high energy level. This all comes down to making the right choices and maturity. If an individual knows that they have a class at 8:00am the next morning, and decides to stay up late and hang out with friends, that will lead o low energy levels. When individual’s energy levels are low, their performance levels naturally begin to decrease. Getting the proper amount of sleep is not the only step to maintaining a high energy level. Eating enough food and drinking enough fluids helps this as well. It will be hard for any student to complete homework, participate in class, or study if he/she is hungry. In between classes, go to the Cafeteria or stop by a restaurant to get something in your stomach, this way you’re able to focus and perform to your full capabilities. In college, it’s the little details such as, these that can determine whether you are successful or not in college. Don’t let hunger or rest is the reason you are struggling in college. Take the initiative to satisfy yourself, the college is here to serve you, therefore use all it has to offer. I remember one day I had like an hour in between classes and I was starving. I had a quiz in the next class and instead of going to eat, I decided to just go over my notes. In result, I had a harder time remembering what I had studied and I was not focused on anything, except getting something to eat. Studying and eating are both necessities to be successful in college, however, don’t sacrifice one for the