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Objective: __Talk to a patient with schizophrenia, To talk with a patient that had loose association___



Good Morning, how are you today?

Oh you are sad? Why is that?

I don’t understand, you were not at the hospital last night?

Oh, so your roommate was talking so you didn’t get any sleep?

Ok. So you are tired today?

Oh. I am not sure what you mean.

That’s ok, we can try to figure it out.

Ok, do you have time?

I understand. So does the TV talk to you often?

It’s ok. I just wanted to know if talking was hard because of the tv talking.

I’m sorry, is it mad? Will it tell you bad things?

That’s good. Do you talk to anyone else about your day?

I don’t think they are crazy. I think they are just sick and need a little more help sometimes.

Lets talk about you. How are you feeling today?

You can’t concentrate? Do you have any ideas why?

What carburetor?

Ok, well, its ok. What makes you think they changed your medication?

So you don’t feel different? Thinking clearer or less clear?

Oh. I think I understand. So the TV tells you that they change your medications?

I do believe that you believe that.

Are you feeling suicidal today?

Well, it’s good that you feel like you need to live now.

Do you feel anxious at all today?

Do you feel like hurting others?

The others?

I don’t think I see them.

Oh, so like shadow people?

Ok. Do they scare you?


Good morning. I am sad today

I had a bad night, and my dad was teaching me to work on the car, and I didn’t get any sleep.

I was, my roommate was up all night talking and then I just went home.

Yes. She talks a lot

No, not really. I just take my pills at night and then I can work and not much bothers me.

I don’t know. Sometimes I get confused and I don’t know what I am saying.

No, I don’t have time now. But yes, we can figure it out, I just need a minute.

No I was talking to the tv, it talks to me sometimes.

Yeah, no. Well, sometimes. I’m sorry.

Oh yes. It is very hard. But I was apologizing to the tv, it just told me that I cannot tell you about him talking to me.

He shouldn’t. He is usually just talking to me about my day.

No, I don’t talk to many people here. You know they are all crazy?

Well, I live here, and I know they are all crazy. One person eats poop.

I am ok. Just tired and I can’t seem to concentrate.

No, not really, I slept really good. But I just have to learn how to put together this carburetor. I can’t get all the pieces together.

Oh, I just got confused. I just am having a hard time. I think they changed my medications again.

The TV told me…… (looks at TV)

No. The TV just told me that he heard them saying they were going to mess with my medication to confuse me.

Yes. He says you don’t believe me.


Not today. But yesterday, I started a plan. Today I feel like I need to be around, you know my roommate really needs to have someone to talk to.


Not really

I don’t usually. That is something that the others do.

Yeah. The ones that hide around the corner and you can only see them out the corner of your eyes.

Most people can’t. They are like shadows and they are very fast.

Yeah, that’s what I call them

No. But others should be scared, they can kill you. I have to go now. It is my lunch time. Bye


Greeting, just trying to establish a conversation.

Restating, clarifying. I probably could have asked one question rather than 2, keeping simple.

Clarifying. I was just trying to understand what we were talking about

Restating. I was still confused from the topic jumps, and was trying to get my footing to keep talking. I couldn’t think of anything else to