Procrastination and Wiley College Homecoming Essay

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Charnell Evans

It is now Tuesday morning and I have not slept for about three days “thanks to Wiley College Homecoming” plus work and school. As the sun rises bright it is now four o’clock p.m. and I still have to work. Usually today I do my daily routine which is to get up, get dress, cleanup my room, and go to class. Coming back to the present of time I wasn’t going to be able to rest before the next homecoming event as I realized that I had to do a Goal essay due on Wednesday at midnight. I always seem to justify my procrastination with many reasons such as: "there are still lots of time so I will just do it later”. You see later is not always good because you never know what can happen later, that might stop you from doing whatever you intended to do at that point of time” or my other excuse is, “I do better under pressure because it won’t take long to do it ”. But sometimes I wonder how I am going to ever make it in life if I keep being a procrastinator. So now it is five o’clock and I am off work. My eyes are blood shot red waiting to close. My body is exhausted, tired, and defeated. I really want to go to sleep because I had a long night. Sleeping was not a suggestion for me the night before because my Advance English paper was due Wednesday at mid night. This is a lot of time but then again it is not enough time because it is homecoming and it’s a party tonight so I really must get this paper done. Therefore, I sit and look at this blank piece of paper that is in front of me with no ink, I keep telling myself “I know I can do it” but still I generate zero ideas for my essay. A day has went by and it is now five o clock but I still have not generated any ideas , I have practice at seven thirty ,and the drive in movie at ten o clock. This means there’s really not that much time left. The structure of my brains begins thinking as I begin to really work under pressure and begins