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TECHNOLOGY IS NEEDED 2 In this essay, I am first going to state that I do not agree with Wendell Berry and his refusal to never purchase a computer. Computers are possibly the best advance in technology…ever. I do not see how one could live without a computer. Computers are used in almost every field even where it is most unexpected. Computers are accurate, fast, and can accomplish multiple tasks. Therefore, computers give us more free time, or time we could be doing some other form of work.
Computers are used for communication. Through email we can send messages to anyone in any part of the world in just a second while if we write a letter then it will reach that person in so many days. This makes communication easier. The internet has made the world a global village. This would not be possible without computers. Computers also play a big role in the medical field. Diseases can be easily diagnosed with the help of computers. Computers can also help solve for a cure. Many machines use computers that allow the doctor to view the different organs of our body like lungs, heart, kidneys, etc. There is also special software that helps the doctor during surgeries. Weather predictions are made using supercomputers. Computers do all the work of plane and train reservations. A computer shows the data for vacant and reserved seats and also saves the record for reservations. Computers are being used in banks such as that, almost every bank is using them to keep the record of all the money transactions and other calculations. Computers provide speed, and security. TECHNOLOGY IS NEEDED 3
Computers are especially important in education today. Technological skills are increasingly more vital to succeeding in life. Children should be exposed to computer and they how they work at young age, because they will use them for the rest of their life. Children who are exposed to computers at a young age have the opportunity to gain vital computer skills early in life. The internet has its advantages, but it is not always a safe place. The internet offers a way for curious minds to gain vast amounts of information. A child should be taught the proper use of the internet. Educational websites would be a great start to this. Teaching a child the proper use of the internet will help them to use the internet safely. Berry does not understand the importance and all of the advantages of a computer. In his letter Berry talks about his wife. He says, “As she types, she sees things that are wrong and marks them with small checks in the margins.” This would be so much easier for her to just use a computer and then spell check the things that appear wrong to her.
Berry also says in his letter, “How could I write conscientiously against the rape of nature if I were, in the act of writing, Implicated in the rape? For the same reason, it