Procrastination Essay

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Jeff Abbott
Ms. Shields
Advanced Composition
26 August 2014
Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. I am part of that twenty percent group. It is now nine o clock at night and I just arrived in my computer room. It was pitch black outside when I started the daunting task of writing my narrative essay on my personal writing process. I’ll never wait this long again. I was like usual, exceptionally exhausted because of cross country practice. I did not feel like doing anything, but going straight to sleep in my comfy bed. I made my way to the computer room and turned the light on as bright as it could be. The light felt as bright as the sun on a hot summer afternoon. It kept me awake and helped me to start my essay. I first began my essay by sitting in the comfy brown leather office chair. At first I sat there filled with ennui. I sat for about five to ten minutes staring at a blank word document watching the little vertical line blink continuously waiting for me to type something. I was excogitating about my process of writing and how to actually write the essay itself. I formulated that the best way to approach beginning the essay was to just start typing away about how I approach writing. I began typing my process of actually writing words down. I just typed all the things I thought of earlier while I was brainstorming. It came easy. I had a relieving feeling finally hearing the keyboard clicking away and seeing the page being filled up. After filling up an exceptional chunk of the page I stopped and moved on to my usual next task. Reading over my exceedingly long unorganized paragraph was an actually rigorous task. I had to figure out how to properly and appropriately edit the paragraph. I once again starred at the screen and read over and over again what I wrote. I began to ponder about my paragraph until I finally began to figure out how to break it up and convey it into separate paragraphs that were much more understanding and precise. After typing out all of my paragraphs and seeing I was getting my paper