Procrastination: High School and Challenging University Curriculum Essay

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Looking upon you all, I can tell that you care about your education. Likewise, I attended summer learning classes too, to prepare for my 1st year.
When school started, I was shocked, I thought I knew everything, I thought my accounting classes were going to be a walk in the park, like high school. But I was wrong, on top of the challenging university curriculum, were obstacles that challenged your soft skills.
Time management was my biggest weakness that university has brought to my attention. What the university gives you is too much time, not too little, but too much. With all that free time I would do everything last minute, party on weekdays, or just watch marathons of how I met your mother, which might I add, is an amazing show.
Instead of being in class 7 hours a day mon day to Friday, like highschool , you’re going to have choices to skip class, study at home and watch your lectures online.
But don’t get me wrong free time is great. Except I learned to manage my time more wisely.
Now I’m a mesa executive, I’ve worked for the department of management, participated and won many competitions and I even launched my own mobile application.
So how can you manage your time and do what you want to do ?
One thing that I found was helpful, was setting my tasks and writing them down on my calendar. When you write down your schedule, you will feel obligated to meet and complete. In addition, when you lay it all out, you can see what you need to prioritize.