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Background of the company
Procter and Gamble was first founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. P&G carries about more or less than 50 top names products with the headquartered located in Cincinnati. Procter and Gamble is one of Americas largest company that sells multinational consumer goods. The product ranges varies from personal care, pet foods, diapers, cleaning supplies, medications and etc. The hundreds of different brand that P&G carries is available all around the world in more than 180 countries.

In what line of business is the company? Procter and Gamble is considered as the personal products industry. However, in the personal products industry there are many different sectors and P&G is consider as the consumer goods sector. P&G is part of the consumer goods sector because of the different varieties of products that are carried. The ranger of product that are carried can go from beauty products to cleaning to supplies for the household.

What is the nature of its products?
The nature of Procter and Gamble’s products are beauty, home care, health, family care, grooming and baby care.

What is the firm's distinctive competence? Procter and Gamble has five main core strengths that are being focused on in order to succeed in the consumer products industry. First core value of P&G is understanding the consumers, each year P&G does market research in more than 100 counties to see what will help them better serve their consumers and innovate their products. The next core value is innovation; P&G transforms consumer needs into new products. Brand-building being another core value, the name Procter and Gamble is the world’s best known household names among others with 50 leadership brands in the company. Another core value is Go-to-Market Capabilities; P&G is ranked number 1 by retail industry as the preferred suppliers to consumers. Procter and Gamble is always reaching to consumers and retailers at the right places and time. The last core value is Scale. P&G being the world’s largest company in consumer packaged goods that they have a scale advantage in their brand, business and operations. Always aiming to better serve consumers and improve efficiency and productivity.

With whom does it compete?
Procter and Gamble competitors companies are Johnson and Johnson and Kimberly Clark Corporation. Johnson and Johnson is a multinational consumer goods of medical devices and pharmaceutical goods. Some of their known consumer goods are