Essay on Procter & Gamble and Old Spice

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Executive Summary
Old Spice is the most original brand for men’s fragrances. The Shulton Company in 1990 purchased the Old Spice brand. Procter and Gamble strategically repositioned the brand and adapted more diversified products to meet more current demands. , Old Spice is trying to re-brand its image and appeal to a younger audience to increase sales and brand awareness. In order to do this Old Spice needs to reach a new target market of males. These males should age from 18 to 34 year old.
Target Audience
Men ages 18-34 are interested in using men’s grooming and toiletry products.
Established in 1937, Old Spice is the leader in the men’s body care and toiletry market. For men who demand superior body care products, Old Spice offers you the highest quality and best-scented body care products on the market. Old Spice will make you smell like the best smelling man in the world.
SWOT Analysis
• A very renowned and successful brand.
• Strong distribution channel (available in more than 20 countries).
• Excellent Product quality.
• Strong financial presence in the market.
• Affordable pricing of products.
• Diversified portfolio of products.
• Sales growth is high.
• Strong image and Product development
After acquisition, Old Spice could not completely change the consumer’s brand perception of their products.
Market share is lower.
Target market is limited i.e. younger male segment.
The packaging style of the products has become obsolete.
Advertisement is made on spray products only. More ad campaigns should be made to increase the demand of the products.
New to the market.
Stiff competition from existing room fresheners like Dove.
Market expansion is needed. Old spice needs to extend its market more globally.
More innovation and diversified products.
The brand needs to create products that are female oriented too.
The brand image of the company needs to be repositioned constantly.
Continuous improvement and maintenance of the standard quality of products.
Advertising campaign must be unified all over the world.
Emerging markets can boost the brand’s image globally.
Greater interest in fragrance by men.
The competition in the market is fierce as male oriented market is still experiencing a rapid growth.
If the product becomes more stylish it will turn the reviews positive and the aftershave will become popular on its own.
Brands like Axe and Gillette are direct threat to OLD spice as their market share is larger to Old spice comparatively.
Due to the strong