Proctor and Gamble Essay

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Procter and Gamble as a whole, is the world’s largest and most profitable consumer products company. With domination in the realms of shampoos, fragrances, cosmetics, shaving, pharmaceuticals, and fabric care, Procter and Gamble has acquired a total market capitalization value of 200 billion dollars. Household and fabric care being P&G’s largest segment; it holds responsibility for almost half of Procter and Gamble’s revenue. Beauty, cosmetics, and grooming second largest and health care last. P&G’s success can be largely contributed to the defined marketing strategies that the company developed since the creation of the company in 1837. Procter and Gamble is known as the top global market leader and continue to hold that position with their innovation and originality. Through marketing and campaigns, P&G has created a clean, honest, and environmentally friendly image that creates a tough competitive field. Unilever and Johnsons & Johnson being P&G’s main competition challenge Procter and Gamble’s products but fall behind in sales and revenue. Procter and Gamble ranks 27th on Forbes 500 for most innovative companies and continuously confirms that through their customer loyalty, sales, and profits. In conclusion, research supports that this industry will continue to grow. P&G’s financial success is directly dependent on the success of its brands, particularly its billion dollar brands. With 22 billon dollar brands and continued emphasis on marketing plans Procter and Gamble is ensured to flourish. To look at the company in segments we realize that the company doesn’t necessarily have any weak links because each brands