Procurement plan Essay

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Procurement plan
The procurement plan for the NHS hospital development may be undertaken through the following steps and processes:
1. Procurement guidelines:
a) Goods and services shall be procured under and in accordance with NHS guidelines and provisions outlining the functioning and operation of such procedures.
b) Outsourced services, consultants, off-branch goods and services are to be procured in accordance with the requisite NHS guidelines and project specifications.
c) Standard bidding documents/ Proposals/ bidding paper etc will all be finalized as per NHS guidelines and will adhere strictly to NHS quality and safety requirements (Fewings 2010)
2. Selection of goods and services:
The current project is one of
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Category B products:
These include products that are used on a somewhat daily basis, products that may be reused and put into the operational cycle over a medium period of time such as: bed sheets, pillows, cutlery etc. A similar procedure as for category A products may be used for these kinds of products except the period of contract for such products should be short to medium-term periods of time i.e. 1-2 years to provide for changing market conditions and to accommodate favorable, more cost effective offers from different vendors.
Category C products:
These generally include highly restricted and seldom used products, mostly in use for highly specialized medical procedures, such as: radioactive isotopes, scheduled drugs, restricted materials etc. These kinds of products are kept under strict control by the medical advisory bodies and are used only in cases of strict and extreme medical necessity. The procurement method for these kinds of products should be as per use and consists of a strictly formalized approach to the governing and regulatory bodies. Generally use of such products comes with strict guidelines and benchmarks that determine the level of competence of the