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Canterbury – UK, 23rd February, 2010

News Release

Global Produced Water Treatment Market Worth $4.3 Billion Over
Next Five Years According To New Douglas-Westwood & OTM
Consulting Research
According to new research unveiled today by OTM Consulting and Douglas-Westwood, the total market opportunity for final stage produced water treatment systems is approximately $4.3 billion over the next five years. “The
Produced Water Gamechanger Report 2010 – 2014,” also reveals that the market for topside produced water reinjection, which is emerging as the preferred method of water management, is around $9.8 billion over the same period. In addition, the report identifies a range of other new technologies that can help operators deal successfully with produced water – including treatment, minimisation, separation and even re-use. It also examines a wide range of factors including target and actual site production rates, production chemistry and reservoir characteristics such as geology that have a major impact on the way in which produced water is managed.
“The pressure on operators to manage produced water is growing considerably – and will continue to do so in the future,” explains Saif Rahman, Senior Consultant, OTM Consulting Ltd. “Our research from within the operator community itself shows that environmental and pollution regulation at local, regional or national levels is the main reason for their interest in the technology and the principle driver for innovation within the sector. “
The report provides detailed forecasts on market opportunities and growth potential for key produced water treatment equipment and technologies. In addition, it includes a selection of case studies that describe actual produced water projects undertaken by operators – including Chevron’s application of compact flotation units at its
Alba field, and ConocoPhillips’ adoption of condensate based extraction technology at the Ekofisk field. It also presents the results of a detailed operator survey carried out amongst companies including BP, Chevron,
Schlumberger, Shell and Total.
“Produced water is the single largest waste stream from hydrocarbon production. Daily water production volumes significantly exceed that of oil volumes, to the extent that 211 million barrels of water are produced by the industry daily compared to around 85 million barrels of oil. In this context, it is vital to deal efficiently and cost-effectively with produced water to ensure fully optimised production and compliance with national and regional regulations,” concludes Steve Robertson, Director at Douglas-Westwood.
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Researched and written by OTM Consulting in partnership with Douglas-Westwood, “The Produced Water
Gamechanger Report 2010 – 2014,” is the latest in an acclaimed series of business