Product And Service Marketing Mix

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2.1.7 Marketing mix
The concept of marketing mix divided into product and service marketing mix. The service marketing mix consists of Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Physical Evidence, and Process, simply called 7P’s. The product marketing mix consists of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, simply called 4P’s (Hartono, 2010 )
Product is defined as anything that can be offered into a market for attention, use, or consumption that might satisfy a need (Armstrong & Kotler, 2006). According to Hirankitti, Mechinda, and Manjing (2009) the service product offers service which can be explained based in the core service which represents the core benefit, and the secondary service which represents both the tangible and augmented product
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Promotion is about a decision of how best to the related product to the target market and to persuade consumer to buy it (Lovelock, Patterson, & Walker, 1998). A communication program is important in marketing strategies because it plays three important roles: providing needed information and recommendation, persuading target customers to buy a specific product, and encouraging target customers to take action at specific times and place (Lovelock & Wright, 2002). Promotion activities can influence consumer’s way of thinking, their emotions, their experience as well as their purchasing. Promotion is a selling technique, in any marketing program; it should be involved with promotion. The product advertisement can be delivered by individual sales people, T.V, radio, internet, magazine, press, and all types of …show more content…
The marketing mix is marketing tools that help marketer get what they need and want. The variables in marketing mix with 7ps-seven dimensions are product, price, place, promotion, personnel, physical evidence, and process. These factors make the best combination deals with services marketing. Particularly, the last 3Ps are used in service sector rather than goods. Yelkur (2000) found that the elements in the services marketing mix influence and positively effects customer satisfaction. It indicates service organizations that should pay more attention to their employees same as to their customers, this would increase both employee motivation as well as customer satisfaction. Therefore, the result of our study supported the argument that there is a positive correlation between the marketing mix and satisfaction. Also, Martin Cengiz and Yayla (2007) found that marketing mix has a positive effect on satisfaction and loyalty, on word of mouth communication from accounting offices in